About Us

Founded as Satlantic, Sea-Bird Scientific Halifax is an advanced ocean technology company that develops optical sensors for oceanographic research and water quality monitoring. Our main product lines from this site include radiometers and radiometer systems, UV nutrient sensors, ocean pH sensors, chlorophyll fluorometers and integrated buoy systems.

In 1990, Dr. Marlon Lewis of Dalhousie University founded Satlantic to satisfy the emerging need for precision optical sensors for ocean color satellite calibration and validation research. Collaborative research and development relationships were developed with several world-renowned research institutes such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Rutgers University and the University of Southern California. As a result of these relationships, the Sea-Bird Scientific Halifax product line now includes a full line of sensors and mooring systems for water quality monitoring and photosynthesis research.

Over the course of our evolution, we have earned a reputation for innovation, outstanding quality and diligent support that has positioned us as a leader in the ocean sciences community. Our Halifax site has a long track record of successful commercialization of science from the world's leading research institutions and will continue to progressively fund development of new environmental monitoring technology based on leading research.


In 2011, Satlantic was acquired by Danaher. After prior acquisition of Sea-Bird Electronics (2011) and WET Labs (2010), Satlantic and its two sister companies combined to form a new entity — Sea-Bird Scientific. By combining the three companies, Sea-Bird Scientific builds unprecedented capabilities in providing best-of-class tools for monitoring of physical and biogeochemical variability in waters. Today Sea-Bird Scientific employs over 200 people in the US, Canada, and Europe in development, manufacture, calibration, sales, and support of our products.

In 2017, Sea-Bird Scientific reorganized to provide more focused support for its expanding customer base. We now provide products and services through a single Commercial Team with three functional units:

  • The Sales Team has been reorganized to provide a regional focus with sales associates at three sites
  • The Marketing Team is focused on providing key application information tailored to suit the varying needs of our different customer groups
  • The Product Management Team is focused on understanding the evolution of customer needs and translating insights into new product features 

Sea-Bird's senior leadership includes: Casey Moore (link sends e-mail) (President); Dr. Tom Mitchell (link sends e-mail) (Vice President Commercial Team); Dr. Nordeen (Norge) Larson (link sends e-mail) (President Emeritus, Chief Science Advisor); Dr. Andrew Barnard (link sends e-mail) (Chief Technology Officer); David Helwig (link sends e-mail) (Vice President of Operations); and Mark Thorpe (link sends e-mail) (Vice President of Finance and CFO). Key staff includes Dave Murphy (link sends e-mail) (Director of Science); Calvin Lwin (link sends e-mail) (Director of Sales), Geoff MacIntyre (link sends e-mail) (Director of Marketing), and Nichole Halsey (link sends e-mail) (Director of Product Management).

While  Sea-Bird in Halifax, Canada and its other locations in Philomath, Oregon and Bellevue, Washington continues to shape our business to better serve our customers and the global science community as a whole, we remain firmly committed to the core attributes that built our companies.