Bio-Optical Sensor Systems

Flexible platforms that expand sensor capabilities of profiling floats by providing multispectral radiometry, nitrate, scattering, beam attenuation, chlorophyll, and CDOM measurements to complement the temperature, salinity and oxygen measurements of the profiling float.

Satlantic offers a complete line of integrated instruments developed for deployment on profiling float arrays to observe biogeochemical parameters at global scales. The BOSS is a flexible package that expands the sensor capability of profiling floats by providing multispectral radiometry, scattering, beam attenuation, chlorophyll, and CDOM measurements to complement the standard suite of parameters that include temperature, salinity and oxygen.

The Bio-Optical Sensor System  manages data collection to minimize energy consumption. The instrument synchronizes multi-parameter sampling and logs the data including pressure, temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen data from the host profiling float with a common time reference to facilitate post processing.
The RemA and RemB series bolt-on sensors offer an integrated solution with the same parameter set, but without an onboard sensor controller. See for real time float data.
Jointly developed by Satlantic and WET Labs, five sensor suite variants are currently in production.
The Deep SUNA is also profiler float ready with real time salinity and temperature correction and various output frame formats to reduce costs associated with iridium telemetry. 
Satlantic, WET Labs and Sea-Bird Electronics have launched integrated and bolt-on sensor solutions for the Navis profiling float. Live data can be viewed at


Bio-Optical Sensor System Options

SensorsParametersBOSSBOSS LiteBOSS MiniRem ARem B
Heading, Pitch, Rollxxx  



PAR xxxx
Ed(412 nm)xxx  
Ed(443 nm)xxx  
Ed(490 nm)xxx  
Ed(555 nm)x    
Ed(380 nm)   xx
Ed(412 nm)   xx
Ed(490 nm)   xx
Lu(412 nm)x    
Lu(443 nm)x    
Lu(490 nm)x    
Lu(555 nm)x    
Scatteringbb(412 nm)x    
bb(440 nm)x    
bb(700 nm)xxxxx
 bb(532 nm)   x2x2
Beam Attenuationc(650 nm)xx  x

1 Other standard wavelengths available upon request.

2 bb (532nm) can be substituted for CDOM on RemOcean A nd B sensors. 

SatCon is a software utility for converting raw binary data, as logged by SatView, into readable ASCII text suitable for import by third party applications such as spreadsheets or databases. Data can be extracted in calibrated physical units or raw binary counts. SatCon can be operated interactively through a user friendly graphical interface, or in batch mode as a background process.

For minimum system requirements, installation instructions, and new features, please refer to the release notes in the SatCon User Manual.

Download SatCon 1.5.5

Released April 28, 2011
File SatCon-1.5.5-b2-x86.exe for Microsoft Windows
Product Brochure

Navis Biogeochemical Profiling Floats

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
PDF icon Navis-Biogeochemical-Profiling-Floats-2016.pdf
Product Data Sheet

Bio-Optical Sensor Systems (BOSS) Datasheet

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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Product Manual

ProSoft 7.7 Manual

Satlantic ProSoft 7.7 Manual.

Thursday, April 14, 2016
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Product Manual

SatCon 1.5 Manual

Satlantic SatCon 1.5 Manual.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
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Product Manual

SatView 2.9 Manual

Satlantic SatView 2.9 Manual.

Thursday, October 2, 2008
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Scientific Poster

Biogeochemical Sensing Systems for Autonomous Profiling Floats

Monday, March 12, 2012
PDF icon satlantic-wetlabs-BOSS.pdf

Can the BOSS work as a stand alone system or integrated with a traditional CTD?

The BOSS was specifically designed for bolt-on integration with an Argo profiling float. As such, the design and telemetry interfaces are not set up for stand alone or real-time profiling.

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