FIRe Fluorescence Induction and Relaxation System

An advanced active fluorometer designed to measure variable chlorophyll fluorescence in photosynthetic organisms.

The Satlantic FIRe (Fluorescence Induction and Relaxation) System is the latest advance in bio-optical technology to measure variable chlorophyll fluorescence in photosynthetic organisms.

Based on the Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometry (FRRF) technique, the FIRe was developed in collaboration with Dr. Maxim Gorbunov and Dr. Paul Falkowski from Rutgers University. The system is the result of 15 years experience in phytoplankton physiology, photosynthesis and primary production assessment.
System Features:
  • Sensitive enough for dilute field samples (down to 0.05 mg/m3 Chl a)
  • Comprehensive suite of fluorescence parameters (e.g. Fv/Fm, σPSII, Fv’/Fm’)
  • Independently controlled Blue and Green LED excitation
  • Rapid, user friendly measurement protocols
  • Optional Actinic Light Source for light adapted fluorescence measurements and automated light response curves.
  • Optional Fiber Optic Probe for multi channel analysis and measurements on macrophytes and corals.
  • Optional Flow-Through Cuvette for software controlled continuous sampling onboard research vessels.