ISUS V3 Nitrate Sensor


ISUS V3 nitrate sensor is a real time, chemical free sensor designed to overcome the traditional challenges associated with reagent-based nitrate analysis in aquatic environments.


Accuracy:± 2 μM (0.028 mg/l) or ± 10% of reading, whichever is greater
Detection range:0.5 to 2000 μM *(0.007 to 28 mg/l-N)
Thermal Compensation:0 to 40 °C
Salinity Compensation:0 to 40 psu


Path length:1 cm
Wavelength range:200 - 400 nm
Lamp type:Deuterium
Lamp lifetime:900 h


Input voltage:6 - 18 V (Non-isolated power input from batteries)
19 - 75 V (Isolated power input)
11 - 36 V (Optional isolated power input)
Power consumption:7.5 W (0.625A @ 12V)
Data storage:256 MB
Sample rate:1 Hz
Telemetry options:Analog output 0 - 4.096 VDC
Analog output 0 - 4.096 VDC
Isolated RS-232 - RS-485 serial output
User selectable baud rates available (Default 38,400 bps)
Data Download OptionsUSB, RS-232


Depth rating:1000 m/ 200m
Length:24 inches (608 mm)
Diameter:4.5 inches (114 mm)
Weight:11.0 lbs in air (5.0 kg)
1.5 lbs in water (0.7 kg)
Housing material:Anodized Aluminum/ PVC
Operating temperature:0 to 40 °C


Specifications may change without notice. June 2010