ISUSCom is a complete configuration and operation program for the Satlantic ISUS V3 nitrate sensor.

ISUSCom Features

Configure and control all aspects of your Satlantic ISUS with ISUSCom, and easy-to-use graphical program that lets you:

  • configure ISUS for deployment
  • transfer data files at full USB speed
  • set sampling schedules
  • perform field calibrations
  • visualize and capture data in real-time
  • post-process previously logged data files

For more information, check out the ISUS Manual or download and install ISUSCom today.

ISUSCom 2.1.6

April 18, 2013

ISUSCom 2.1.6 now comes with a handy terminal input for issuing serial commands directly to ISUS. It also fixes a time zone calculation error that was appearing in the output of the raw data conversion function. The USB driver and operating platform have been updated to ensure full compatibility with Windows 8.

Please note that ISUSCom 2.1.6 requires a current version of the ISUS V3 firmware, which will be uploaded to your instrument when the software is installed. If your instrument is running firmware versions 3.0.3 or older, please contact Satlantic for assistance.

File ISUSCom-2.1.6-b98-x86.exe for Microsoft Windows
Release Summary: ISUSCom 2.1.6
ISUSCom 2.1.6 is an upgrade to ISUSCom 2.1.5. The focus of this release is to fix a nitrate 
processing defect.

** Defect
    * [2007-136-410] - ISUSCom - Nitrate processing is terminated on insufficient wavelengths error

Release Summary: ISUSCom 2.1.5
ISUSCom 2.1.5 is an upgrade to ISUSCom 2.1.4. The focus of this release is to fix a regression.

** Regression
    * [2007-136-409] - ISUSCom - Nitrate processing fails with a Missing Resource Exception

Release Summary: ISUSCom 2.1.4

ISUSCom 2.1.4 is an upgrade to ISUSCom 2.1.2. The main focus of this release is to ensure
that it is compatible with Windows 8 and the addition of the Command Window feature.

** Bug fixes and enhancements  

** Defect
    * [2007-136-406] - Nitrate Processsing creates Date and Time sensor values for local Time Zone 
    * [2007-136-402] - UnsatisfiedLinkError: ftd2xxj.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

** Improvement
    * [2007-136-405] - Update the embedded FTDI USB Driver installer to support Windows 8
    * [2007-136-404] - Update the embedded JRE to Java 7 update 11
    * [2007-136-403] - Update the embedded ISUS firmware to version 3.2.4 
    * [2007-136-400] - Add Command Window to UI

Release Summary: ISUSCom 2.1.2

ISUSCom 2.1.2 is an upgrade to ISUSCom 2.1.1. The main focus of this release is to fix the
conversion of the the DATE and TIME sensor values for the Raw Data Conversion feature.

** Bug fixes and enhancements  

** Defect
    * [2007-136-384] - Convert Raw Data File produces incorrect values for Date and Time

Release Summary: ISUSCom 2.1

ISUSCom 2.1 is as an upgrade to ISUSCom 1.4.  The main focus of this release was to add
support for nitrate post processing.  In addition this a new Total Absorbance Graph view 
was added.  Finally many minor enhancements and bug fixes were addressed.

New features include:

** Nitrate Post-Processing
ISUSCom 2.1 now includes the capability to re-process previously logged data files,
eliminating the need to learn and operate the Matlab based ISUSPro program. All the functions
previously available in ISUSPro have been included in ISUSCom 2.1. The Nitrate post-processing
function enables users to experiment with different processing parameters and calibration
files to re-calculate nitrate values from challenging environments.
** Total Absorbance Graph
The total absorbance graph allows users to view the sampled absorption curve in real-time.
Total measured absorbance is an intermediate product of the nitrate calculation that has now
been brought out to the GUI for viewing, making quality checking of data easier and more intuitive.

** Enhanced Data Error Detection
New data integrity features in ISUSCom enable users to easily detect and view the overall number
of errors that occur within an acquisition.  This along with a fully configurable event log mechanism
gives users the ability to discover any problems that may exist within data files.

** Bug fixes and enhancements  

* Defect
     [2007-136-315] Setup Mode is entered too soon when USB is attached
     [2007-136-307] Incorrect time values for data acquisition and time series display
     [2007-136-300] Data Converter should only output files for frames with data
     [2007-136-291] The US locale is not always used to format values written to new calibration file
     [2007-136-287] Data Logging "Start/Stop Log" buttons not disabling
     [2007-136-268] Incorrect concentration frame definions prevents display in UI
     [2007-136-250] Dashboard does not display Transition mode when acquisition is stopped
     [2007-136-246] Nitrate processing progress monitor not working
     [2007-136-227] Calibration file is empty when acquisition from ISUS starts
     [2008-236-213] Updated nitrate conversion factor
     [2008-236-269] Remember window locations preference setting not working
     [2008-236-277] Found random exception in TAM
     [2008-236-286] Error in Nitrate processing
     [2008-236-287] Improve initial placement of windows
     [2008-236-289] Preference for min wavelength for total absorbance not working
     [2008-236-356] Last frames lost when system under heavy load

* Improvement
     [2007-136-320] Help About Dialog to open Satlantic URL in External Browser
     [2007-136-293] Disable Processing UI when connected
     [2007-136-282] Update Calibration Wizard Upload Panel needs improvement
     [2007-136-274] Improve processed frame definition
     [2007-136-273] Upgrade FTDI USB drivers
     [2007-136-271] Data Acquisition panel should resize better
     [2007-136-265] Save downloaded files to application data folder
     [2007-136-259] Minor UI changes discovered while testing
     [2007-136-257] Minor update to "Data Acquisition" user interface
     [2007-136-253] Minor UI changes discovered at review
     [2007-136-233] Write frame time-stamp when data logged to file
     [2007-136-231] Enhance Replay Logged data function 
     [2008-236-288] Acquisition window should have sensors on top.
     [2008-236-246] Output, Data Logging, Data Acquisition Box Partially off screen
     [2008-236-251] Modify default reset to exclude integration time
     [2008-236-256] Write frame time-stamp when data logged to file
     [2008-236-281] Add Reference Spectrum Graph to Calibration Report
     [2008-236-334] Logged raw data file names use csv and bin extensions
     [2008-236-279] Update bundled JRE to 1.6.0_18
     [2008-203-725] Frame parsers return more acquisition information

* New Feature
     [2007-136-297] Expose Event Message Logging settings
     [2007-136-256] Clickable time series graph to relocate marker and slider
     [2007-136-255] Changes to total absorbance graph
     [2007-136-254] Changes to window to display processed Nitrate results
     [2007-136-252] Intelligently discover processing settings from XML file and raw files
     [2007-136-247] Provide error messages for frame processing
     [2007-136-245] Combine species in absorbance graph
     [2007-136-241] Function to convert binary data to ASCII output
     [2007-136-240] Enhancing exising timestamp mechanism for Nitrate processing
     [2007-136-234] Regular Nitrate re-processing of data using ISUS/SUNA date time
     [2007-136-230] Adding Acquisition Monitor to ISUSCom UI
     [2007-136-202] New function for post processing of Nitrate data similar to ISUSPro
     [2007-136-193] Add new graph to allow users to view total absorbance of nitrate
     [2007-136-122] Add the ability to compare two selected calibration files
     [2008-236-224] Update Calibration Wizard to Create a Calibration Report

Release Summary: ISUSCom 1.4.0

ISUSCom 1.4.0 is a minor release that requires ISUS firmware 3.1.3. This version of the
ISUS firmware allows ISUSCom to retrieve the ISUS instrument package file that is stored
on the ISUS instrument's internal flash disk.

Below is a more complete list of improvements and fixes

** Defect
    * [2007-136-95]  - ISUSCom - View summary report fails when no PDF viewer installed.
    * [2007-136-97]  - ISUSCom - ISUS Clock Time still visible during Acquisition
    * [2007-136-109] - ISUSCom - SyncTime Panel makes Dashboard show computer's time for ISUS Clock time 
    * [2007-136-113] - ISUSCom - Starting concentrated acquisition should not open Spectra graph
    * [2007-136-114] - ISUSCom - Stopping Acquisition from Logged Data File sometimes causes error.
    * [2007-136-118] - ISUSCom - ISUS-X Depth Processing progress bars are never updated.
    * [2007-136-127] - ISUSCom - File Manager directory browsing
    * [2007-136-129] - ISUSCom - Tool tip text not set for Dashboard buttons
    * [2007-136-155] - ISUSCom - ISUS-X Pro Fit Types used for Date and Time need to be restored. 
    * [2007-136-158] - ISUSCom - Firmware Upload causes ISUS to reboot during validation
    * [2007-136-163] - ISUSCom - Summary Report "Save" button not disabled when file name is blank. 
    * [2007-136-165] - ISUSCom - Acquisition does not always use the ancillary sensors selected in wizard panel
    * [2007-136-166] - ISUSCom - Update Calibration wizard not setting the frame transfer mode each time
    * [2007-136-167] - ISUSCom - Incorrect Help page displayed for acquisition windows
    * [2007-136-168] - ISUSCom - Update Calibration wizard not performing wavelength validation each time
    * [2007-136-180] - ISUSCom - Minor UI change with latest build
    * [2007-136-181] - ISUSCom - Nitrate values not displayed in Data Acquisition window's sensor panel
    * [2007-136-182] - ISUSCom - Data Acquisition Sensor panel cannot display sensor values that are type Long
    * [2007-136-183] - ISUSCom - XML Instrument Package created with SISS 1.4 is not compatible 
    * [2007-136-189] - ISUSCom - Stopping an acquisition can cause display of a warning dialog 
    * [2007-136-190] - ISUSCom - Update Calibration wizard not getting the instrument package each time

** Improvement
    * [2007-136-101] - ISUSCom - Dark spectrum plot should auto-scale
    * [2007-136-147] - ISUSCom - Installer does not include nor display the ReleaseNotes.txt file
    * [2007-136-151] - ISUSCom - Add ability to use checksum sensor to verify each frame
    * [2007-136-153] - ISUSCom - Update Preferences to support multiple instances.
    * [2007-136-154] - ISUSCom - Add support to upgrade ISUS with Firmware Rev 3.1.X
    * [2007-136-164] - ISUSCom - Acquisition wizard panel sensor validation is very slow.
    * [2007-136-170] - ISUSCom - Lower the minimum integration time limit to 250 ms
    * [2007-136-171] - ISUSCom - Enable the View Setup menu item when ISUSCom in disconnected mode.
    * [2007-136-177] - ISUSCom - Add spectrum size check to validation of calibration file
    * [2007-136-188] - ISUSCom - Available disk space warning

** New Feature
    * [2007-136-10]  - ISUSCom - Add interval logging to the logging window
    * [2007-136-11]  - ISUSCom - Add ability to select and display/graph ISUS ancillary sensors
    * [2007-136-42]  - ISUSCom - New calibration wizard 
    * [2007-136-43]  - ISUSCom - Saving XML file on the ISUS instrument
    * [2007-136-70]  - ISUSCom - Calibration file validation function
    * [2007-136-146] - ISUSCom - New start acquisition wizard
    * [2007-136-156] - ISUSCom - Instrument XML file validation function
    * [2007-136-174] - ISUSCom - Add fit type check to validation of xml package file
    * [2007-136-176] - ISUSCom - Output serial number, FW revision in log file on connection 

Release Summary: ISUSCom 1.3.2

ISUSCom 1.3.2 is a patch for 1.3.0 that includes a single fix to prevent the corruption of data files when 
data packets need to be resent from the ISUS. ISUS firmware 3.0.7 is also required to fix this defect.

Below is a more complete list of improvements and fixes

** Defect
    * [2007-136-130] - ISUSCom - File Transfer Protocol writes resent data packets to end of file.  
    * [2007-136-132] - ISUSCom - Wait cursor does not appear when waiting for File Manager dialog.
    * [2007-136-133] - ISUSCom - File Listing Timeout value not being initialized from ISUSCom Preferences.  

Release Summary: ISUSCom 1.3.1

ISUSCom 1.3.1 is a patch for 1.3.0 that includes a single fix to repair a common corruption of calibration files.  
This corruption occured with ISUSCom 1.2.1 in conjunction with firmware older than 3.0.5. 

Below is a more complete list of improvements and fixes

** Improvement
    * [2007-136-125] - ISUSCom - Calibration file repair when first header line is missing

Release Summary: ISUSCom 1.3

ISUSCom 1.3 was intended as an upgrade to ISUSCom 1.2.1.  The main focus of this release was to improve user 
notification when the ISUS communicates in an unexpected way.  To accomplish this, many of the User Log 
messages were improved and the Event Notification window was simplified.  In addition, the queue of minor 
issues was resolved and added to this release target.  Finally all drivers and underlying libraries were 
upgraded to the latest versions.

Below is a more complete list of improvements and fixes

** New Feature
    * [2007-136-37] - ISUSCom - Generation of concentrated frame defintion in XML File
    * [2007-136-41] - ISUSCom - Handle Communication failures with ISUS better
    * [2007-136-48] - ISUSCom - Finish integrated ISUS-X Pro support

** Defect
    * [2007-136-28] - ISUSCom - ISUSCom Icon does not show up on some resolutions
    * [2007-136-31] - ISUSCom - Communication retry should not be done for an error response
    * [2007-136-38] - ISUSCom - Failure to validate Settings should default to system defaults
    * [2007-136-39] - ISUSCom - Properly handle numbers in French default
    * [2007-136-46] - ISUSCom - Improve Error Messages
    * [2007-136-61] - ISUSCom - Error in Preference Max Command Retries value
    * [2007-136-62] - ISUSCom - Timeout values are not being used for Communication
    * [2007-136-64] - ISUSCom - Reboot is not properly disabling UI while the instrument is rebooting
    * [2007-136-66] - ISUSCom - Update Calibration fails with Incorrect spectrum length
    * [2007-136-69] - ISUSCom - Data Acquisition and Graph Time Formats are not correct
    * [2007-136-71] - ISUSCom - Application preferences can not be updated
    * [2007-136-82] - ISUSCom - Error viewing windows when in Acquisition Transition Mode
    * [2007-136-85] - ISUSCom - Preferences data directory not used for data logging directory
    * [2007-136-94] - ISUSCom - Serial Baud Rate box in Settings Window out of place
    * [2007-136-96] - ISUSCom - Calibration error not displaying proper error message
    * [2007-136-98] - ISUSCom - Acquisition won't start with Frame Transfer set to Concentrated
    * [2007-136-99] - ISUSCom - Error code is not included in ISUSCom Exception message
    * [2007-136-105] - ISUSCom - Default nitrate DAC range is wrong
    * [2007-136-106] - ISUSCom - Poor error message when leaving Acquisition in scheduled mode
    * [2007-136-107] - ISUSCom - ISUSCom not properly displaying error codes from ISUS
    * [2007-136-40] - ISUSCom - UnInstaller still leaving some preferences hanging around 
    * [2007-136-33] - ISUSCom - Unistaller will not work with Vista

** Improvement
    * [2007-136-47] - ISUSCom - Upgrade drivers and libraries used
    * [2007-136-51] - ISUSCom - Upgrade ISUSCom to use shared components built for SUNACom
    * [2007-136-25] - ISUSCom - record 'operator' and 'generating application' in XML file
    * [2007-136-58] - ISUSCom - Making Dialogs sensitive to contents on UI
    * [2007-136-59] - ISUSCom - Validating XML file with current serial number before entering Acquisition 
    * [2007-136-65] - ISUSCom - Remove embedded PDF viewer in favor of system viewer 
    * [2007-136-74] - ISUSCom - Manual Update, describe location of files on disk in user manual
    * [2007-136-75] - ISUSCom - Manual Update, Quick Start section in manual needs work
    * [2007-136-76] - ISUSCom - Manual Update, USB port power description required in manual
    * [2007-136-77] - ISUSCom - Manual Update, new introduction in manual
    * [2007-136-20] - ISUSCom - Manual Update, DAC Calibration missing from ISUSCom Manual
    * [2007-136-79] - ISUSCom - View Logged Data, Possible Cosmetic Upgrades
Product Manual

ISUSCom Manual

User manual for ISUSCom software.

Thursday, April 18, 2013
PDF icon ISUSCom_User_Manual.pdf
White Paper

Performance Demonstration Statement Satlantic ISUS V3 Nitrate Sensor

Technology Type: Field portable nutrient analyzer

Application: In situ estimates of dissolved nitrate from moored, surface mapping and vertical profiling deployments.

Goals: Demonstrate the capabilities and potential of this instruments

Type of Evaluation: Field Performance Demonstration at four ACT Partner sites

Date of Evaluation: Testing conducted from May through October 2007

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
PDF icon isus-evaluation.pdf

Should I provide my ISUS or SUNA with a warmup time before recording data?

We recommend updating the ISUS or SUNA's reference spectrum portion of the calibration with the instrument in the same state it will be used in the field. To update the reference spectrum, you will have to run the calibration feature in ISUSCom or SUNACom using a pure water sample.

For best results, we recommend the following:

1. For profiling situations, when the instrument will be run for extended times, the reference spectrum should be updated after the sensor has been run for several minutes. This will allow the Nitrate reading to stabilize.

2. For moored applications, we recommend that the instrument only be run for a short duration to collect the pure water data during the calibration. Data collection in the field should only have the instrument run for 20 seconds per acquisition.

What is the result of using the "Reprocess Nitrate Data" function under the ISUSCom Processing Menu ?

The "Reprocess Nitrate Data" tool in ISUSCom allows the user to select a calibration file and a raw file.
The resulting ASCII file contains a column for the original Nitrate concentration as calculated by the ISUS, using the calibration file onboard the sensor, and a column of recalculated Nitrate using the chosen calibration file.

Can an ISUS V2 be used with ISUSCom?

No. An ISUS V2 does not have the correct hardware to be used with ISUSCom. If you have an ISUS V2, and wish to use it with this software, please contact Satlantic Customer Support to discuss upgrading your ISUS.