Sea-Bird Scientific Launches Oil-in-Water Sensor

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sea-Bird Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of  the new SeaOWL UV-ATM in-situ oil-in-water sensor. Based upon the highly successful WET Labs ECO sensor, the SeaOwl UV-ATM introduces industry leading oil detection technology that creates a 5X optical resolution improvement over its predecessor. By combining three optical sensing techniques, this unique instrument greatly minimizes false positives, reducing operational cost and risk related to subsea oil leak detection.

SeaOWL UV-ATM measures proxies of phytoplankton abundance (chlorophyll fluorescence), total particle concentration (backscattering), and fluorescent dissolved organic matter (FDOM fluorescence) such as crude oil in a single data stream. A secondary calibration enables the determination of oil concentration within the FDOM fluorescence measurement. The SeaOWL UV-ATM incorporates a dynamic gain stage modulation and optimized electronics to provide a wide detection range and industry leading sensitivity across all optical measurement channels.
SeaOWL UV-ATM will be manufactured at the WET-Labs facility in Philomath, OR.

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