Satlantic PAR Sensor

PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation Sensor

Provides superior data along with high quality construction to stand up even in the harshest conditions.

Satlantic’s series of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensors provide highly accurate measurements of PAR (400 - 700 nm) for a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial applications.  From limnologists and oceanographers to plant and crop physiologists, scientists trust Satlantic PAR sensors to provide superior data quality and rugged construction to withstand harsh field conditions.

Satlantic PAR sensors measure quantum irradiance with near flat spectral response and cosine spatial response. Cosine collectors for in air and in water measurements, housings for two depth ratings, 1000m and 7000m, and digital and analog data output options, support integration of the PAR sensor in instrument packages for a range of deployment conditions.

The analog voltage signal output options enable the PAR sensor to be integrated with Sea-Bird Scientific CTD platforms and other terrestrial scientific data loggers with analog signal inputs.  The logarithmic scale option is used for integration with CTDs for profiling applications; for example, where higher signal resolution is required at low light levels.  The linear scale option is suited for high light conditions such as in air.

The PAR sensor serial data option provides high resolution data over the entire dynamic range, and overcomes the challenges associated with degradation of an analog signal over long cables. The serial instrument can be integrated with CTDs or other data loggers that have serial data input channels, or directly to a computer using the optional USB cable.

In addition, the serial PAR sensor provides tilt and internal temperature measurements that can be used for data quality analysis, and user programmable analog voltage signal output, with selectable ranges on either linear or logarithmic scales.  The analog signal is transmitted simultaneously with the serial output and enables custom scaling of the analog signal for specific deployment conditions.