Free-Falling Optical Profiler

Free-falling Optical Profiler

A versatile platform for measuring the apparent optical properties of the ocean and designed to interchange Satlantic's hyperspectral or multispectral optical sensors.

SatView is a real-time interactive data logging and display application for use with Satlantic radiometers. SatView makes it easy to connect to your Satlantic instruments and view time series, spectral plots, and depth profiles while capturing data for subsequent conversion and post-processing.

SatView features include:

  • Easy set up and configuration management
  • Serial communications direct to instruments
  • Real-time graphical display of incoming data
  • Ancillary sensor integration
  • Custom log file headers
  • Surface pressure tare
  • Support for profiling, in-situ and towing deployments

Download SatView 2.9.5

Released April 11, 2014

SatView 2.9 provides Windows 7 compatibility, improved PAR sensor support, wavelength range settings for spectral views, additional cast card fields for post-processing, support for up to 96 serial ports, GPS data validation and many more. Please refer to the release notes for a detailed list of recent improvements.

File SatView-2.9.5-b7-x86.exe for Microsoft Windows

SatCon is a software utility for converting raw binary data, as logged by SatView, into readable ASCII text suitable for import by third party applications such as spreadsheets or databases. Data can be extracted in calibrated physical units or raw binary counts. SatCon can be operated interactively through a user friendly graphical interface, or in batch mode as a background process.

For minimum system requirements, installation instructions, and new features, please refer to the release notes in the SatCon User Manual.

Download SatCon 1.5.5

Released April 28, 2011
File SatCon-1.5.5-b2-x86.exe for Microsoft Windows

ProSoft is an interactive graphical data processing and extraction application for Satlantic sensors. It is highly configurable with optional batch mode operation and a rich user interface. Supported data products include:

For minimum system requirements, installation instructions, and new features, please refer to the release notes and manual.

Download ProSoft 7.7.19

Released April 14, 2016

ProSoft 7.7.19 provides a number of key improvements including support for ancillary SAS sensors, support for  BETA_IRED and BETA_GREEN sensors to calculate backscattering, corrected backscattering coefficient units, robust handling of corrupt timer data, HyperSAS IR camera integration, interruptable processing, and more. For a detailed list of recent fixes and features, please refer to the release notes.

File ProSoft7.7.19-b2_Setup.exe for Microsoft Windows