Designed for extremely fast sampling rate in above-water measurements.

SAS Above Water Optical System

Designed for extremely fast sampling rate in above-water measurements of ocean colour using Sea-Bird Scientific's multispectral or hyperspectral digital optical sensors.

Our Surface Acquisition Systems (SAS) are designed for above-water measurements of ocean colour using our's multispectral or hyperspectral digital optical sensors. The system consists of two radiance sensors and one irradiance sensor. The main advantage of the SAS system is its small size and extremely fast sampling rate. Special adapters can also be mounted to the SAS radiometer to narrow the field of view to a half angle of 1.5º to 0.75º. The HyperOCR SAS radiance sensors are designed with a narrow field of view compared to the in-water version and provide 136 channels of Li and Lt data. 

The SAS can be mounted on a variety of vessels to provide continuous monitoring of ocean colour along the ship's track, on towers or other platforms to provide time series observations, or the system can be used for airborne remote sensing of ocean colour. See the SAS Solar Tracker product page for more information.


  • Estimate concentrations of dissolved organic matter, suspended sediments, and chlorophyll
  • Bio-optical algorithm development and modelling
  • Satellite calibration and validation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Data products include water leaving irradiance, remote sensing reflectance, and energy fluxes


  • Precision measurements of Li, Lt & Es
  • Adjustable viewing angles from Nadir to Zenith
  • Multiple radiometer options - multi, hyperspectral or combinations
  • Full ancillary suite - tilts, sea-surface temperature, GPS
  • Data logging and processing software included