SeaFET pH Ocean Sensor

SeaFET™ Ocean pH Sensor

The SeaFET™ Ocean pH sensor is an ion selective field effect transistor (ISFET) type sensor for accurate long-term pH measurements in salt water.

Flow Cell

It is essential that the SeaFET™ sensing elements remain immersed in seawater at all times.  For this reason, the SeaFET™ is equipped with a resealable flow cell. The flow cell can be fitted with brass penetrating fittings and copper-nickel tubes to which one can attach flexible tubing or hoses for flow-through applications (Image shows one fitting attached and one not).



Bio-fouling Guard

The SeaFET™ bio-fouling guard is a copper based passive fouling prevention guard. The anti-fouling guard provides a reliable and affordable approach to increase deployment time, decrease operating costs, and collect high quality data for mooring applications. 



Internal Battery Pack (For earlier models)

The SeaFET™ internal battery pack contains seven Alkaline D-Cell batteries connected in series to provide nominal 10.5 V. The nominal capacity, 19.8 mAh specified by the battery manufacturer is attained under ideal operating conditions.




Alkaline Battery Pack

Satlantic's reliable and user-friendly Alkaline Battery Packs are available in 102 Ah and 51 Ah capacities. The design of the internal battery compartment allows the user to easily change the D-Cell batteries with off-the-shelf replacements. The battery packs consist of an anodized aluminum pressure case, a D-cell battery compartment and a removable end-cap.