The SUNA V2 UV nitrate sensor is the ultimate chemical-free solution for autonomous monitoring of nitrogen-based nutrient concentrations in ocean, estuarine and high turbidity freshwater environments.

Download SUNA V2 Firmware 2.5.1 2.5.1 Firmware

Released February 10, 2015
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UCI is a graphical software application that makes setup, operation and in field reference checks easy and robust. UCI is the recommended software for HydroCAT, HydroCAT-EP and SUNA.

UCI makes it easy to:

  • Configure instrument settings and control the instrument in various operational modes
  • Complete reference checks with step-by-step reference check wizards, including PDF reports and reference check file comparison
  • Graphically plot engineering units in real time or via file playback
  • Prepare instrument for deployment through the use of a step-by-step deployment wizards including creating a PDF report of all settings and notes
  • Manage data files and offload data

Download UCI 1.2

Released March 30, 2017