The SUNA V2 UV nitrate sensor is the ultimate chemical-free solution for autonomous monitoring of nitrogen-based nutrient concentrations in ocean, estuarine and high turbidity freshwater environments.

SUNA V2 Hydro-Wiper

The Hydro-Wiper is an external anti-fouling system fully integrated with SUNA V2 nitrate sensor. The Hydro-Wiper keeps the SUNA V2 sample windows clean for several months even in the most aggressive fouling environments, helping prevent costly site visits for manual cleaning and loss of data.

Do not attempt removal of the wiper yourself. It requires a return to our service department for this task.

SUNA V2 Anti-fouling guard

The SUNA V2 anti-fouling guard is a semi-circular piece of perforated copper attached to a plastic armature that fits into the sample chamber. The anti-fouling guard provides passive fouling prevention through the release of copper ions that inhibit biological growth in the area. The anti-fouling guard provides a reliable and affordable approach to increase deployment time, decrease operating costs, and collect high quality data for mooring applications. 

SUNA V2 Flow cell

The SUNA V2 flow cell is designed to adapt the SUNA V2 for flow through operations on moorings with pumped flow, ship-board underway systems or for laboratory testing and calibration. The flow cell attaches to the SUNA V2 sample chamber and tightly seals against the optical chamber windows. Nylon barbed fittings are provided to connected the flow cell to available pumped flow.

SBE 5P Pump

The pump module is a compact unit consisting of a centrifugal pump head and a long-life, brushless, DC, ball-bearing motor. The pump impeller and electric drive motor are coupled magnetically through the housing, providing high reliability by eliminating moving seals. The 5P has a 600-meter (1960 ft.) plastic housing. 



Alkaline Battery Pack

Satlantic's reliable and user-friendly Alkaline Battery Packs are available in 102 Ah and 51 Ah capacities. The design of the internal battery compartment allows the user to easily change the D-Cell batteries with off-the-shelf replacements. The battery packs consist of an anodized aluminum pressure case, a D-cell battery compartment and a removable end-cap.