Support Team

Darrell Adams is Satlantic’s Customer Support Manager. Darrell is an Electronic Engineering Technologist and has been sharing his expertise with the Satlantic team since 1997. Darrell has an extensive knowledge of Satlantic’s instruments and assists customers with their sensor, software, and integration inquiries. Darrell also acts as a liaison between Satlantic Customers and Satlantic Production and Software Departments making sure that lines of communication remain open. Darrell believes that customer service is an integral part of Satlantic’s customer value proposition and constantly strives to build trust and strong long term relationships with Satlantic customers. Darrell’s passion for premium quality and service help Satlantic to ensure that clients are met with first-rate personalized client service and superior, quality products.

Kris Dolomont is a Satlantic Customer Support Associate. Kris graduated from the Electronics Engineering Technician program at the RCC Institute of Technology in 1994 and is also a Certified Engineering Technician from TechNova. Kris began his career with the production department of Satlantic in 1997. After several years of building new products and servicing Satlantic instruments, Kris joined the Customer Support Department. Kris' strong knowledge of Satlantic products, and his superior technical skills provide Satlantic's client with reliable servicing of RMA equipment, as well as highly attentive customer support.

Chris Beasley is a Satlantic Customer Support Associate. Chris graduated from the Electronic Engineering Technician program at Nova Scotia Community College. Chris began his career with Satlantic’s Production Department and quickly advanced to the Customer Support Department where he performs final lab testing and field deployment of new production builds as well as servicing of returned equipment/systems. As a certified Electronic Engineering Technician, Chris coordinates with other team members to design, assemble, test and modify electrical/mechanical systems to improve functionality. Chris’ focused and perceptive approach in finding technical solutions continuously aids Satlantic in efficiently processing customer requirements.